Friday, October 4, 2019

Bermuda for my holidays 2020

I am finally planning a return trip, I lived and worked in Bermuda for 5 great years but had to return home when my employment visa ended.

If my Article Alley site had kept performing I probably could have set that up in Bermy and lived on that, but Bermuda is really very expensive, like crazy expensive, so even though I earned really good, top money working in Accountancy there, it could not support me for very long without work.

Here is a lovely pic of Hamilton viewed from across the harbour - you can see Front Street lit up nicely in the evening.

I really miss that view, it really made my day to sit there are look out, Bermuda is such a beautiful country to live in, I would choose to spend every day there if I could.

Horseshoes bay is perhaps the best known beach outside of Bermuda, it has a great atmosphere and is really good on Xmas day if there is a party and good weather.

This pic should give you the idea it was taken 25th December 2001.

The crystal caves and the Bermuda perfumery are real tourist attractions but nevertheless well worth a visit.

Anyway back to the title of the post, I am planning in taking my wife and two daughters to Bermy they don't remember it as they were only babies/toddlers when we were there, I am secretly hoping I'll be stopped in the street and offered another role there, but its not going to happen!

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